Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Registrations for the Sept. 2019 session are now open. Click here to learn more!

Yoga For All Certification

Registrations open May 20th. Click here to learn more about this body positive yoga training!

Oatbox Monthly Subscription Service

You get to customize your box each month with a variety of absolutely delicious, organic oat/tea/bar options. Click here to learn more!

Vista Magazine Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador for Vista Magazine I get to try out a variety of healthy, organic products each month and share my opinions about them.  Click here to visit their site to read more about the amazing products that are being created right here in Canada!


Dinner decisions done for you. Yay!

Enjoy having one less thing to to do this week with CookSmarts 3 free meal plans and their 1 click grocery lists. Click here to get started with your free meal plans and don't forget to check out their incredibly helpful infographics - there's seriously one for every topic!

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